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This help page with Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) can be accessed using the “Help” on the top right of every page. Additionally you will find that that when you hover over some application’s questions, the color of the text will change to red. This color change indicates there is a link with more information. Click one of these links and it will open a new browser tab with help for the question. You may need to scroll through the help file for the relevant information.

If you can't find the answer online, please contact the Help Desk.
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Navigating the Website

Below is a description of the website navigation links that are in the left panel as shown at the right.

Home: The “Home Page” to the site is the landing page of the website providing you with a description of the loan program and the loan application process.

Terms of Use: This page provides general and legal disclosures requiring your acknowledgement prior to submitting your loan application.

ID Information: Your school will automatically populate your name, school and ID on this page. You must complete all of the required information denoted by asterisks (*).

Contact Information: This page provides additional information about you. You must complete all of the required information denoted by asterisks (*). Questions about military service and self-identification questions are optional. The responses to these questions will not affect the loan approval process and will be used solely for the purpose of measuring the diversity of the participating students in the Loan Program and the effectiveness of the Loan Program for the schools and for the State of Ohio.

Reference: Please complete the fields on the reference page that are marked with an asterisk (*). The individual(s) identified on the reference page are typically family members, a teacher, or school administrator.

Loan Request: The maximum amount of the loan request will vary by school program, so the maximum amount for your program will automatically appear in the “Loan Request Amount” field. If you want to choose a smaller amount you will make the amount change to that field. Please complete the drop down fields with the best answer that appears from the offered choices.

Submit: The “Submit” section takes you to the “Terms of Use Agreement” and requests your acknowledgement (by clicking the box provided) that you have read and understand the presented terms. You will not be able to submit your loan application until all of the required fields in each application section have been completed, including your review of the Terms of Use Agreement. There will be a message in red displayed on the left side of the page identifying any missing information or incomplete fields. Once you submit your loan application, the only way to change the application is to submit a request through the Contact Us link in the footer of every web page and complete the inquiry form, or to call the Help Desk.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How far in advance must I apply for a loan?
A: you should speak with the school’s financial counselor thirty (30) days before the start of course or program and apply as soon as you get log-in credentials.

Q: Do I need to answer all the questions on the application?
A: No, the required questions are marked with an asterisk (*).

Q: How long does it take to fill out this on-line application?
A: Typically it will take less than thirty (30) minutes20-30 minutes, particularly if you have the requested information available. Having a similar application that you have completed recently will help.

Q: Do I need to complete the application at one time?
A: No, the “Save” button will allow you to save your work. You can return to this website at any time. Moving between pages of the application using the website’s navigation buttons and links will automatically save your information as well. If you use your browser’s “Back&rdquo button instead, you may lose your work. The system is designed to time out after five (5) minutes of inactivity. You will need to log in again. If the system logs you out due to inactivity, your information will be saved automatically.

Q: I have submitted my application, now what?
A:Your application goes through two approval processes once submitted, provided there is no request for additional information. If you are enrolled in a qualified program, your financial counselor will notify you of approval or denial of your application.

Q: How long will it take before I know if my application is approved?
A: Your school’s financial counselor will typically notify you of the loan decision within five (5) to ten (10) business days. You can revisit your on-line application to see if there is a status change.

Q: When will I need to begin repaying this loan?
A: During your enrollment in your course or training program there is no interest accrued on the student loan. The first monthly payment will be due six (6) months after you complete the program funded by this student loan.

Q: How many monthly payments will I need to make to repay the loan?
A: The student loan is for eighty-four (84) months or seven (7) years and the first payment starts the seventh (7th) month after completion of the program funded by this loan; there are seventy-eight (78) level, monthly payments over the loan term.

Q: How will the student loan be applied (credited) to my student loan account? Will I receive a check?
A: Once a student loan is approved and documentation is complete, the State will send the loan money to your school which is then applied directly to your student account.

Q: What happens with the loan if I do not complete or do not pass the program?
A: If the loan servicer is notified by your school that you have not completed or have not passed the program, the full amount of the loan will become due and payable within ninety (90) days of the loan servicer’s notification to you.

Q: What happens with the loan if I move out of Ohio during the term of the loan?
A: The full amount of the loan will become due and payable within ninety (90) days of the loan servicer’s notification to you.

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